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Birch Branches and Wreaths

Our birch branches are suitable for many of your craft projects and store displays. The 4 foot branches are great for store decorations. The 3 foot branches are excellent for making birch wreaths. Approximately 70 branches per bunch.

Brides love them for altar and table decorations. They can be used plain or sprayed to complement your decor. Florist love them for floral arrangement fillers and centerpieces.

Fill a vase or urn to use the branches as a table top decoration or to fill an empty space in any room. Spray or paint the branches to match your decor. Add small lights for a whimsical look.

Take a small birch pole and attach our branches with twine to make a broomstick. Place it on your hearth or use it as a witches broom.

Longer and larger diameter branches are available upon request. Truck loads are also available upon request.

birch branches
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Birch Branches

Bundle of birch branches, 3-4 feet in length
$29.95 + S&H

Birch Wreaths

Choose small, medium or large

Our birch wreaths can be used as the foundation for a table decoration; bathroom vanity; or kitchen island. The wreaths make wonderful Christmas and holiday gifts. They add a north wood rustic touch to any home, including your front door.

Ring Size App. Outer Diameter Price
8in 18-20in $19.95 + S&H
10in 22-24in $24.95 + S&H
12in 26-28in $29.95 + S&H